First snow

We had first real snow fall, so much and so beautiful awww...
Chantal loves to be out in such a weather. With the big smile and full of joy she was running in the snowy garden, in her new hat, i made :))) She's attempting ballet classes and she dances all the time at home. Tutu inspired her even more. She was so happy, so glowing ahhh... I love her so much!!!



  1. I love each and everyone of these... I wish I was there watching you photograph her... These are so delightful and full of love and energy. The colors are fantastic, and she is the most gorgeous little girl I have ever seen.... xo

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  3. Great photos!! It looks like you both enjoyed first snow photshoot! cool hat and Chantal in it :-)I see we has similar taste in hats :-) as well as photoes :-)
    and I always are lucky to have a great model living in the next room :-) pass regard to Chantal :-)

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  5. Lena, dear, beautiful! Chantal, the snow, your styling, the images. LOL, I was driving on the highway today and my Mom called me to make sure I look to see how beautiful these are:) She's a big fan, too. Ah, if all our clients could dress the children like it! xo miss you.......

  6. Thank you girls sooooo much for your comments.

    Kimberly, i wish you to be here also and it would a dream to watch you do your shootings. It's so amazing!

    Natalia, regards are send:) I love how the hat comes out. It was such a quick work he he... and i'm so happy to have model in the next bedroom he he

    Vickie, my dear friend, your Mom is so sweet, She alway put a big smile on my face when she writes me :))) Yes, it's true, nice dresses make big difference:) xx

  7. I love those pictures,all about it..maybe I'm ready for snow now (even I normaly hate snow):-)


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